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Lads N’ Lashes

Lads N’ Lashes

(Unfortunately this very popular fundraiser performed for the last time in North Bay February 26, 2017. The lead performer and director, Robin Loren (playing Shania Twain, Cher in the video below) retired after 25 years in the business. We are in the process of finding another show that will fill the void but in no way replace the amazing Lads N’ Lashes troupe which has been helping raise money for ACNBA for over 15 years.)

Lads N’ Lashes (LNL) continues to be ACNBA’s most popular fundraiser drawing a huge audience every year. The Toronto-based drag troupe has been performing for ACNBA since its very first show at Hugo Crazy’s in North Bay in 2002. It’s always a sellout and generates much-needed funding for the agency’s client services and outreach programs.

The performers impersonate some of the biggest names in show business including Adele, Cher, Lady Gaga and Madonna just to name a few. Risque and ribald, adult humour is part of the mix, so attendees be forewarned, this show is not for kids!  This is also a licenced event so it’s restricted to those 19+. 


Lads N’ Lashes final show February 24, 2017


Lads N’ Lashes promo video 2016