– AIDS Committee of North Bay & Area - To assist and support all persons infected or affected by HIV/AIDS and/or Hepatitis C and to limit the spread of the viruses through eduction, awareness and outreach strategies.

ACNBA Annual General Meeting (September 13, 2013)

AGM photos by Kirk Titmuss

Isaac awarded

Volunteer of the year Isaac Davie proudly presents his plaque.

Smiles all round for Tanje Ng "Friend of the Agency".
Tanje Ng is all smiles after receiving her Friend of the Agency award.

Sal Renshaw and Linda Piper.
Board members Sal Renshaw and Linda Piper.

Keri McGuire-Trahan wishes she wasn't being photographed!
RN Keri McGuire-Trahan thought she had ducked the paparazzi!

Kat Jodouin orders another H20.

Kat Jodouin orders another H20.

Marc Jodoin absorbs the info.
New Outreach Worker Marc Jodoin checks out the evening’s agenda.

Board member Roger Chum enjoying an ice cold water.
Board member Roger Chum raises his water to the proceedings.

Sal Renshaw speaks to the gathering.
Board Vice Chair Sal Renshaw rolls through the agenda with Executive Director Stacey Mayhall looking on.

Dennis Chippa and Kirk Cederwahl with differing views.
HIV Educator Dennis Chippa (back) has a different view on things from ex-officio Kirk Cederwahl.

Tanje Ng appreciates her close-up opportunity!
Tanje Ng basks in her award winning evening.

Charlene Lalonde is the lady in red.
The lady in red, aka Office Administrator/Volunteer Coordinator Charlene Lalonde.

Scott deBlois is awarded by Board Chair Jason Maclennan for his years of service.
Board member Scott de Blois wraps up his second term with congrats from Chair Jason Maclennan.