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everythingACNBA Six Editions Later

March 25th, 2015 at 10:16 am


March 25, 2015

If it isn’t on the web it isn’t relevant. Hard to argue with the stats. PewResearchCenter (PRC) conducted a study in 2014, surveying 1,500 internet users 18 years and older on their frequency of social media use. It showed Facebook, although showing signs of slowing growth, still on top, followed by Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

PRC looked at the demographics of internet users as well and what social media platforms they frequented. Of all internet users, 71% used Facebook. The key demographic was adults between 18 – 29. They made up 87% of the Facebook users.

What does this all mean then?

It means multi-platform use is climbing. A lot of eyes are on computer screens for reference, information, communication, basic news and entertainment. Facebook is a provider of all that and so much more thanks to its users. They disseminate their interests community style by way of the post, share or like.

But what about the good old hard copy?

Newspapers are suffering a paradigm shift like no other. They were dragged kicking and streaming into the way of the web. Many would have preferred not to. At one time it was abhorrent to think of any media sharing real estate. Now they’re as assimilated as peanut butter and jam. TV, radio and print are all utilizing webspace and various blends of methodology. Who would’ve thought that a print outlet would one day carry video news? Or TV would refer to print? Social media is the great equalizer. Links to all three media are found online and news is being updated as it happens.

So what about the basic newsletter? It’s both new and old school. It comes in e-form or the delightful paper product. I’m still a fan of holding something tangible in my hands and flipping through the pages. I guess it harkens back to my single days when poring over the Saturday Toronto Star over breakfast was a self-indulgent luxury.

Our newsletter, ‘everythingACNBA’, is now into its second year. It contains little snippets of what we’ve done, what we’re doing and other engaging info. We print it off for our clients and supporters who may not have access to a computer. It can also be read or downloaded on our website.  

I encourage you to take a peek! 

Kirk out.

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