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Everywhere Are Signs

February 5th, 2013 at 2:33 pm


September 5, 2013

Last blog I mentioned how our rebranded look has been catching some great reviews from the community. Wherever we display our new logo and branding we always get some really positive comments.

Now we’ve taken that a step further.  After many years of the drab, out-of-date, weather beaten signage on the side of our building in downtown North Bay marking our location we’ve upped our game with a bright new sign featuring our rebranded look.

And to make a visit to our office easier and more pleasant we have new signs leading to our door and on our door with some handy information included.

The signs were designed in-house and produced and installed by Gateway Signs in late July.

Next time you’re downtown by Main and Algonquin take a look up!

Kirk out!

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