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“Far from the Heart”

February 15th, 2013 at 10:37 am

As Chair of the Education Sub-Committee of the Domestic Violence Community Coordinating Committee I am proud to share with you our initiative aimed at healthy relationships and youth this year, “Far from the Heart” .

“Far from the Heart” is a forum theatre production brought to the community by the theatre group Sheatre.  Sheatre has been touring this production for 7 years and has visited many schools, communities and groups.  “Far from the Heart” is a dating violence prevention program which engages and educates youth on healthy relationships including, rape and sexual assault.  “Far from the Heart” is touring Almaguin Highlands, St. Joseph Scollard Hall, Silver Birches, West Ferris Secondary, and the SOS program last week and this week.

Having had the opportunity to watch Sheatre in action last week I found the production very powerful, informative, and provoking. After the play  has run it course students are invited (via the “joker”) to interact in select scenes from the play to try and change the outcome and promote healthier choices.  The interactions of the students were very interesting, at times comical, and other times inspiring as they tried to navigate through the tough situations.  After the interactive piece students are broken out into small groups to discuss what it is they have scene and heard.  These group sessions are lead by community partners from various agencies who have experience with these types of issues.

I encourage you to check out the “Far from the Heart” website to learn more information. Be sure to check out their interactive video.


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