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Froshy Goodness

February 6th, 2013 at 10:51 am


Students practicing the proper placement of condoms on woodies.

Hey folks, just a heads up on a great week of fun and education for me personally and the ACNBA and some of our partners. We spent three amazing days with the first year students at Nipissing University as part of Frosh Week celebrations. Literally hundreds of first year students cheered, danced, cheered, screamed, cheered, ran amok, cheered, got wet, cheered, got muddy, and more importantly, cheered. They had a blast, and we were happy to be part of it.

Tuesday it was the Party Planner group, with our partners like the North Bay Police, where we talked about safe partying; eat before you go out, have a buddy, watch your drink, always have a safe ride home, carry a cell phone, don’t take rides with strangers, all that good stuff. We had a speaker’s corner, where students were to provide a safe partying message. Look for the winning entry on our website and Facebook Page soon. Wednesday was beach day, where we joined Amelia Rising and the SANE program from the North Bay Regional Health Centre, for HIV and Sexual Assault Trivia. Thursday was the always popular Condom relay, where students were encouraged to properly place condoms on ‘woodies’. The students had a blast and heard some great messaging around Safe Sex.

Lots of positive energy from all involved, and we want to thank our partners, and the fabulous members of the Awareness Team at Nipissing. They were amazing, and we look forward to more work with them.  Cheers to all, and have a great school year. And to quote the students  “We are allbestfriends. We are all Best Friends”

Later Gators

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