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Good changes

March 6th, 2017 at 10:01 am

March 6, 2017

We have seen some good changes lately. First of all, we now are supplying Nasal Spray Naloxone Kits (instead of injection)to prevent opioid overdose. We are the first in our area to offer these kits. These kits are effective on the drug carfentanil which is 100x potent than fentanyl. Some local pharmacies are offering the injectable naloxone kits free of charge with a valid health card. If you are interested in getting a Nasal Spray Naloxone Kit, please contact Caitlin Dobratz at 705-497-3560 ext 201 or come see her at the office.

Before February 22, 2017, all Hepatitis C treatment medications required approval for funding from the Exceptional Access Program through the Ontario Drug Benefit Program. This caused some delays in getting our clients treatment. Some Hep C treatment medications have moved to the Limited Use List, which means that we can provide treatment much quicker as long as the client meet all the criteria. We will no longer have to apply for funding through the Exceptional Access Program for these medications. Some criteria has changed for these medication to allow for more people to have access to treatment. If you have Hepatitis C and are seeking treatment, please contact Keri or Kelsey at 705-497-3560 ext 210. Check out this link from Catie for more information.

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