– AIDS Committee of North Bay & Area - To assist and support all persons infected or affected by HIV/AIDS and/or Hepatitis C and to limit the spread of the viruses through eduction, awareness and outreach strategies.

Hep C Team

February 13th, 2013 at 9:01 am


The Hep C Team is funded by the Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care to provide Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) care and treatment services that will help curb the spread of HCV by ensuring that people are diagnosed and treated for HCV. Studies have shown individuals followed by a team are 90 % more successful at completing HCV treatment.

We currently have 2 treating HCV physicians in North Bay Dr. Scott Shulman and Dr. Stéphane Gauthier.

Here is a rundown of our team and what we do!

  • Community Coordinator: Kristina Rancourt
    • Establishes and leads a Hepatitis C network within the local community , bridging and addressing gaps within the health, social services, and legal sectors to enhance community collaboration and coordination of services that affect people living with/at risk of acquiring HCV.
    • Provides case management and practical support assistance such as food vouchers, hygiene kits, vitamins, meal supplements, transit passes, and holiday hampers to individuals on HCV treatment.
    • Organizes HCV referrals and initial intake process.
  • Outreach Worker: Brandy deGaia
    • Delivers education and training sessions.
    • Provides support services to individuals, such as going to appointments with clients and helping people on the computer.
    • Organizes & runs different outreach programs such as street outreach and peer support programs.
  • Psycho-Social Support Services Coordinator (Counsellor): Tina Mooney
    • Provides holistic counselling, assessments, consultation, and education for clients and/or  families, as well as education services for staff and/or volunteers.
    • Helps individuals with referrals, advocacy, housing issues, etc…
    • Provides substance use counselling as well as referrals/assessments for Methadone Maintenance Program, Substance Use Treatment, and Opiate Replacement Therapy.
  • Treatment Nurses: Keri McGuire-Trahan & Kelsey Secord
    • Provides individuals with education on Hepatitis C and their health.
    • Prepares the client prior to treatment.
    • Supports the client managing the side effects during treatment.
    • Provides follow-up to address side effects and medications after treatment.
    • Provides vaccinations and immunizations.

If you have any questions, feel free to email, call 705-497-3560 Ext 213, or come in and see Kristina!

Have a wonderful day!


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