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Goin’ Mobile

April 30th, 2014 at 11:23 am

April 30, 2014

Just got a new book sent to me by a good friend. “The Mobile Wave” by technologist and American entrepeneur Michael Saylor. It came out in 2012. It’s Saylor’s observation on the mobile world we live in and how it will and is changing that world.

It comes down to two simple principles; the ever expanding and accellerating pace of technological advancement and the move to mobile communication, utilizing cloud technology and increasingly sophisticated mobile hardware, including smartphones and tablets.

This is real Star Trek stuff. Just look at the apps you can get for your phones today. They can replicate a myriad of processes, provide access to a world of information and connect with anyone with similar access. Saylor predicts by 2015 – not very far away folks – that 65% of the world’s population will be mobile-connected. What this means is the playing field is becoming more even. The old ways of doing business are being pushed aside. Corporations have to adapt or be left behind. Saylor uses Kodak’s demise as a prime example.

It’s the dawning of the Information and Communications Revolution. Saylor gives a nod to Steve Jobs and Apple for pioneering the technological framework of the mobile wave with their iPhone, App Store and built-in GPS. Mobile communication through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, etc., has altered the communications paradigm. (Another crack at the “paperless society”?)

Just look at a crowd of people in nearly any environment. Most are face down into their smartphones. Many are documenting what’s around them. At any one time, anyone with a mobile device can become a reporter, a journalist, a photographer, a documentary maker, a film maker, an archivist, a historian. The mobile wave is crashing into the shores of the status quo.

Entertainment including movies, TV shows, sports events, etc., are utilizing the mobile wave and reaping huge profits. Education, medicine, health care, politics, banking, social causes have all become entrenched in the mobile movement.

In short, Saylor says either get on the wave or be swept under by it. So organizations of all stripes, including non-profits like ACNBA need to up their strategic communications game plans to remain relevant.

Maybe the Who’s Pete Townsend saw the future in 1971 when he penned, “Goin’ Mobile”.

The Mobile Wave. A fascinating read.

Kirk out.

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