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October Blog by Shay

October 25th, 2017 at 1:39 pm

I’ve found that sometimes in our modern era of information, we can slip up with how it could or should affect our daily lives in our decisions, compared to impulse deciding. What I’m referring to is mostly the information that one could research online, or at the ACNBA office, may be a little far from our decision making process day to day, or not using all the resources of knowledge while performing our lives.

In my life, I’ve found that researching information is far more important than simpy rushing into something like sex, drugs, budget spending and even moral guidance.  I’ve got a friend who may have contracted hepatitis in some form, but in being sexually attracted to that same friend, I had two ways to deal with the problem. First I could’ve just put aside my interest and thought to myself, “to bad, it’s too risky”. But instead, I did some research and here at ACNBA, and I discovered so much more about the transmission of hepatitis, including the knowledge o vaccines, that now I feel more comfortable with my daily contact, as well as potentially sexual contact is not as risky as I thought before researching the truth.

Also, as I’ve been using the clean drug kits here, I’ve been more aware and less stigmatic over truths like sharing smoking pipes, or snorting straws, and so knowing that I am prepared for the times I’m socially using recreational drugs, I’ve already done the precautionary steps and feel so much more comfortable using and doing both. Again, this meant that I’m bringing knowledge to my daily affairs, but of course adding it up is still both knowledge and practice.

As far as budget spending goes, it’s not as complicated as the courses I took in high school, ie) accounting and so forth, but usually comes down to a list of necessary’s , and the recreational remaining monies. So even though that some folks might count on street smarts alone, some very basic commitments to structure can go along way towards both more enjoyment from the money, and a longer forecast of well being from the preparation.

As for the times I’m not sure about a decision on the right vs. wrong scale, I take out my bible, and check the teachings found in the four gospels. It’s not as though I memorize the passage or bible beat others, but I look to see what message comes with Christianity, and therefore I can relax as to what is commonly acceptable within life, from the message.  And again, taking the time to research leads to making a better decision and ultimately leads to a better future for having done both the background check, and using insight in practical ways of daily decision and actions.

So to conclude, using some book smarts with your daily decision path can really put a smile on your face, in knowing that you’ve used the inside and to have resolved already to keep up with a more fruitful journey. Thanks for your attending and time, and since by reading this article, you’ve already done both.

Take care, Shay Milroy Ducharme


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