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Shay’s Blog

February 22nd, 2017 at 9:47 am

“In my time as a transgendered woman and mild drug user, I’ve found that the freedom of expression took me some time to get used to, I was a chicken, but it reminded me of why our freedoms have mattered over the years.

It was just last century that women won the rite to schooling, and the vote, and then this century, we’ve had all the language to open the door to sexuality, and so why did it take so long?

The Canadian charter of rights and freedoms is as old as Canada, but we’ve taken a long time towards equal rights across the board.

I’ve found that over the years there has been a lot of stigmatism broken down, from money classes, to status symbol style properties and jobs, to sexual orientation, and even down to the realizations that drug users also need equality too.

ACNBA supports users with healthy supplies, information and facilities for those who use drugs at home, and the users of ACNBA are met with a pool of talent and privacy here, that it can be said to top off the last of the prejudices, aka, at home drug use.

In knocking down prejudices, we can only hope that per individual we each realize the rights we share under the law, and the shared decency of all those we now know about.

Knowing the language of fair schooling, fair voting, fair sexual languages, and of course fair drug and health measures is the essentials of freedom from prejudice.

So before you judge someone who fits into a demographic you weren’t raised in, or don’t fall under, keep in mind there is much more to expanding one’s knowledge than to berating others.

Enriching oneself is essential to a happy life, and that begins with a fair heart, and a mind willing to explore what is on the other side of barriers.  These barriers are of the mind, not in reality, so it’s always recommended to study, accept or actively ask those different from you what their take is on they’re life.  mountains of information is a good start, but to know a transgendered, or an at home drug user, or even to get to know a police officer, or a government official, is to break open the barriers with a hand shake, and some talk, to really get the scoop on why you don’t need to hate people by category, but to accept them on a freedom level, a people level, and or at least to your own level of acceptance.

Remember, the world really is big enough for us all, and to treat others as you would like to be treated is definitely a way to inner peace and wellbeing.  Nobody wants prejudice, but it starts within each of us to square it away.  Good luck and I hope you take the challenge to know more of your neighbours, than their measurements. ”

Shay Ducharme

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