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Spring Has Sprung! And So have needles!

May 12th, 2014 at 1:56 pm

Hi there, just a quick note to remind everyone that with the arrival of spring, and the melting of snow and the engaging in gardening, more and more folks are finding used syringes. That’s where the Look Sharps program comes in!! It’s a volunteer driven, syringe recovery program. We have run it for seven years, in co-operation with the North Bay Police Service. When anyone finds a used syringe around the city, they can call us at 705-499-6827 and one of our awesome volunteers will come and pick it up. It’s only May, and we have already had 19 calls, with over 400 syringes recovered off the streets.
We also take part in education presentations for Look Sharps, geared to children, who may not have had the exposure. We give them a simple message: If you see a needle, don’t pick it up, call police. (police then dispatch us) The presentation takes about 10 minutes, and I love to do them. So, if you need any information, want to volunteer for the ‘needle team’ or want a presentation, feel free to call us at the office, 705-497-3560. We’ll be happy to accommodate.
Later Gators.

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