– AIDS Committee of North Bay & Area - To assist and support all persons infected or affected by HIV/AIDS and/or Hepatitis C and to limit the spread of the viruses through eduction, awareness and outreach strategies.


Here’s How We Can Support You

If you are a person living with HIV and/or HCV, or are concerned about someone who is, our services may help you. If you are concerned about HIV/HCV exposure, safer sex, safe needle use practices, HIV testing, or discrimination based on your HIV or HCV status, our clinical staff are available for you.

People living with HIV and/or HCV are helped by having support and accurate information to assist in making informed choices towards managing individual health care.

All our services are completely confidential, free of charge and open to everyone. Your privacy and the confidential nature of your concerns are extremely important to us.

The services offered by the ACNBA include:

For more information on support services please contact Support Services Coordinator, Steve Lamb at