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Thank You Notes Speak Volumes

May 19th, 2017 at 1:25 pm


May 19, 2017

Kirk Titmuss | Communications Coordinator

Have you ever done something for someone and quite out of the blue received a thank-you note in the mail from them for your efforts?

It’s quite a special moment.

That person you assisted went out of their way to obtain or create a card, write a few personal lines of prose and pop it in the post to you. They thought of you and your assistance worthy of their investment in time, effort and expense. They felt an email just didn’t cut it.

So how do YOU feel?

Appreciated? Remembered? Warm and fuzzy?

Probably all the above and more.

That’s the power of a simple thank you note.

Long before the personal computer changed our communication habits, exchanging handwritten greetings was proper etiquette.

Now we bang out a few lines on the keyboard, hit send and we’re done. It’s ubiquitous.

But if you want to leave a very positive, sincere and lasting impression, you really need to get a greeting card, a good pen and spend a bit of time composing some meaningful ink.

Research done by a friend of mine, Laural Carr, through her terrific firm, impagination inc., which specializes in award-winning, marketing communications products, found that 83% of clients surveyed, stated a physical, mailed greeting was their hands-down favourite. 79% often kept that greeting and 73% shared it with others.

That’s a lot of mileage out of a simple act of cardboard correspondence!

More importantly, you are establishing a connection that has more meaning and value in the long run and standing out from the herd at the same time.

Try it some day. It’s so worth the effort.

And it’s just great communications!

Kirk out.








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