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Welcome our newest Blogger, Shay Ducharme

February 7th, 2017 at 1:14 pm

“As a user and supporter of ACNBA services I’d like to write this letter to express my thanks.

I’ve always relied on ACNBA for their commitment to providing safe and healthy means to my personal, at home, habits. I feel deeply grateful, since I’ve been using the snorting kits and marijuana tubes, condoms and clothing, and have more confidence because of ACNBA.
I feel that because of safe and clean supplies are free and available, that I am not being dirty or disrespectful for my sexual health or drug use. Knowing that information, services and supplies are the point of ACNBA services, my at home habits are not shameful, but acknowledged and my safety realizable.
I go there for snorting kits, information, clothing and snacks, and I feel trust and joy, like a family that cares, instead of judges. Their friendly and confidential volunteers and staff take the shame out of at home habits, and are a treasure to me and my life style.
Thanks again ACBNA,
Shay MalRoy Ducharme”

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