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WHAI in the Summertime

July 2nd, 2014 at 9:49 am


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Summer time is year-end for community development work with summer vacations and holiday hours giving time to pause and reflect back on the year that past.

2013-2014 marked the 4th anniversary of the WHIA program at ACNBA and in Ontario.  It was also a year that was marked by being the most active thus far.

Highlights for the year included;

  • IWW events coordinated by NEWHA
  • White Ribbon Campaign and B-Safer training hosted by the DVCCC
  • Launch of the North East PPMD project by the PPMD strategy
  • Women’s HIV testing drives
  • Health and Social Services Fair in Mattawa

These are just a few examples of some of the fantastic collaborative work in women’s health in our community.  All of this work involved the participation of fantastic community partners who strive to make our community a better place for women.


A look ahead at the 2014-2015 year includes;

  • Harm reduction workshop for agencies who work with women presented by CATIE and OHSUTP
  • Vicarious trauma, burn out and compassion fatigue conference hosted by the DVCCC
  • Summer road trip to Kirkland Lake and the northern communities of the ACNBA catchment area
  • Health and Social Services Fairs in Parry Sound and Sturgeon Falls


So while community development may slow down some in the summer time, plans are already in progress for new projects, trainings and engagement pieces for the upcoming year.

Looking forward to all that 2014-2015 has in store for the WHAI program!

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