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Why feel like a minority when you could be number one?

March 2nd, 2017 at 11:43 am

I’ve found over the years that it was sometimes hard to fit in.  I was raised up north, but I wasn’t into hunting or fishing, and team sports like hockey weren’t my best fit past times either.  I had a lot of friends come and go, but being a top student, crossdresser, and still competitive, I really tried to bloom myself instead of fitting in or crowd following.

In our society, we’ve grown so much towards understanding the words, numbers, and language of how we “can” know each other, but really there still remains the challenge of “being” a singularly great person as well.

The reality of knowing that you are in a minority group, is different from thinking the best of your own self, the one individual that can access so much more than titles.  One example is that I can say I fit into the minority of trans-gendered people, a very small number of us in most communities, or I can say I’m a pool player, or I can say I’ve volunteered, or a consumer of the mental health ministry, but really, what do I have to say “for myself”?

So can we draw the reasoning and self-confidence to say more of our selves and sound like less of a label, and more as a free thinking individual?   I guess it starts with something to say.  Without a message from within, than maybe a fitting-in label would work for you, however, in my times I’ve tried to express hope and freedom, individuality.

To have hope is really the feeling that the future is worthwhile, and when one plans a future for themselves, then they stay active, and the feeling of hope is real on the way to the accomplishment.

On the topic of freedom, one has to really be able to back living free.  That might mean being a character instead of a number or desk title.  Again this reflects back to being an individual with talents, or compassion, or as simple as a good natured personality, and these are characteristics we can grow ourselves, out from under the label crusade.  Sure, we can answer surveys and be into the demographics game, but day to day and face to face is still the realistic way we interact.  Living as an example to others without lining up under a tradition, we can really be free in our minds and hearts, and this is where freedom comes home to the ground level.  More than the definition, more than a great income, but in our minds, and proving it day to day to others, that freedom comes first.  This is strength, and comes from the heart.  With both planning and achieving, which provides hope, and freedom of expression towards freedom itself, we can put the categories to the test, and really be a pride to our neighbourhoods.  Being strong from within and nurturing ones character, good nature and good health, is the one ground root of our face to face, day to day, selves.  The planning of projects that may help ourselves and others, underscore the feeling of hope, and with both, we can stand out as an individual with more than labeling and numbering.   This is every ones freedom, to plan, hope and achieve.  At least mine anyways!!

Thanx for reading,   Shay Milroy Ducharme

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