– AIDS Committee of North Bay & Area - To assist and support all persons infected or affected by HIV/AIDS and/or Hepatitis C and to limit the spread of the viruses through eduction, awareness and outreach strategies.

World Hepatitis Day July 28th in North Bay

April 23rd, 2015 at 12:09 pm


Approximately 500 million people worldwide or about one in 12 are currently living with chronic viral hepatitis B or C. Of that number about 600,000 are Canadian. Over a third are infected with hepatitis C. About a quarter of those are not aware of  being infected. Untreated, hepatitis C can lead to cancer of the liver and eventually death. Hepatitis can take up to 20 years or more to show any symptoms. That’s why the baby boom generation is being strongly advised to get checked.

Some quick facts:

  • There are several different types of the disease, (A, B, C) hepatitis C being the most serious strain.
  • Hepatitis C can be cured.
  • Hepatitis C is a blood to blood infection most commonly passed on through sharing syringes during intravenous drug use, blood transfusions prior to 1992.
  • You can have hepatitis C and not be aware of it.

July 28th, 2015 is World Hepatitis Day. There will be events held around the world to bring attention to this global epidemic.

Here in North Bay, the AIDS Committee of North Bay & Area HIV-Hep C Services  (ACNBA) will be holding a day of awareness, with a declaration for the day and a variety of events.



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